Steve Ellis(non-registered)
Hi Fran, Steve Blaney told me about your webpage at the APA qualifiers today. Said you did great work and he was right. Really nice stuff. Besides your ability to take the photographs, you obviously have great post-process skills as well. Some them aren't necessarily how I would have processed them, but nevertheless really great. I'm an amateur photographer and obviously if I was at the qualifier a pool player as well.
Rhonda Almeida(non-registered)
I can't wait to see some of your work in person at the Bridgewater library! Congrats Fran! You're so talented!
Paula Rowell(non-registered)
I have to agree with others using words like...breathtaking and amazing and gorgeous. Just wish I was still living up in Mass. but since I don't anymore, your photography brings me back to the places I love. Awesome!
Ginny Audet (Ginnyology on FaceBook)(non-registered)
Your photography never fails to take my breath away. I discovered you through the Monhegan Info page and your snowy owls. I figure it was time I signed up and let you know you have another admirer. Please keep up the good work. Have you ever published a book collection?
Fred DeFeo(non-registered)
You pictures are absolutely amazing. Continued success to you in the future
Glenn Justice(non-registered)
Photos are breathtaking. Love the local scenes.
Roger Hodge(non-registered)
Came here hoping to see original Gen. Lee with Blower posted on facebook. But, seen all the other photos. Nice Work... :)
cheryl cavanaugh(non-registered)
Your photographs are gorgeous!
Congrats Fran , wonderful pics , great Work , a pleasure to look your website :)
Claudia Staten(non-registered)
It was a pleasure meeting you last night at my daughter's Holiday on the Harbor. I'd like to thank you for your helpful hints and offer to assist me. Your work is beautiful and very inspiring. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you again soon.
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